"The transfer of competences for tutors to achieve business (vocational) and social competences of female prisoners and ex-offenders"PROJECT:  »COMPETENT TO DO«

Transfer of innovation: the transfer of good practice examples by the FCZB - FCZB who have many years of experiences to work with female prisoners (and ex-offenders), have the qualified tutors - trainers, they carry out IT training for women.

1. Bring the education and training modules for acquiring general entrepreneurial and social competences of female prisoners (ex-offenders) with qualified mentors.

Purpose: motivation for continues education of female prisoners and ex-offenders, easier decision for the type of vocational training, continuing professional education more successful, more successful job search or continue to self-employment 

2.Training of tutors (Berlin):

Grounds: tutors who teach in prison are not qualified to work with prisoners; needs of female prisoners are different from men’s needs, women are discriminated against education and also occupational opportunities

3.Pilot Implementation (Slovenia, Lithuania):

Purpose: training of female prisoners (6-8) - need general entrepreneurial and social competences by trained tutors , evaluation module (Part A - entrepreneurial competences, Part B - social competences), evaluation of training (if training has an impact on decision for inclusion in further education, or has influence in a positive attitude towards employment or self-employment).


The products will be used by:

• Tutors,

• Female prisoners, female ex-offenders, 

• Staff of prisons, 

• The Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia 

• The vocational training centers,

• The staff of Employment Service

• The staff of Centre for Social Work

• Ministry of Education,

• Ministry of Justice,