Our international project within Leonardo Da Vinci sup-programme - Transfer of Innovation

"Competent To Do - The transfer of competences for tutors to achieve business (vocational) and social competences of female prisoners and ex-offenders" 

is coming to the end!


There are six partners: CDI Univerzum, Zavod MiT, Center Spirala from Slovenia, Frauen Computer Zentrum Berlin (FCZB) from Germany, University College Nikola Subic Zrinski (UCEEM-NSZ) from Croatia and ZISPB from Lithuania. Also, three silent partners are involved in this project (ZPKZ IG and ZRSZZ from Slovenia, Panevežio suaugusiuju mokykla from Lithuania).




worked hard for 2 years and during that period:


  • Brought the education and 2 training modules for acquiring business and social competences of female prisoners and ex-offenders with qualified tutors.
  • Trained the candidates for tutors who will work with female prisoners and ex-offenders.


  • Had a pilot implementation in Slovenia and Lithuania


5th (final) project meeting took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia

on 3-4 September 2015 and was organized by CDI Univerzum.


 All of the activities and work packages were summarized and discussion was focused on the development of the Handbook for tutors of female prisoners and ex-offenders.

Tutors (and candidates for tutors) will have Handbook that will help them transfer competences, skills and knowledge to female prisoners and ex-offenders!



New opportunities for female prisoners and ex-offenders!

With the competencies they acquire through trainings, they will be ready to enter the job market, but also to experience self-employment as an opportunity!

Trainings and education will provide new set of competencies for both tutors and learners!


Here are some of the crucial documents of this project:


This project was disseminated in both Slovenia and Lithuania and was presented to different stakeholders. There are many possibilities for follow-up activities, which can bring even bigger impact…



Get more information about the project:


 Newsletter October 2015  -  PDF format