Idea for the project originated from the initiated problem of training the tutors and therefore education of women prisoners in Ig, where is significantly different from in practice for men prisoners. Both quantitatively (by selection of different programs) as well as qualitative work with prisoners in a woman’s prison Ig deviates from practices in male prison population. 

However, the characteristics of work in Slovenia and Lithuania is that teachers come from different institutions, such as primary schools, secondary schools, adult educational institutions and others. Those teachers do not have appropriate competences for working towards this specific target group. Especially to identify the specific needs of female prisoners which depends on the specifics of the environment in which they are located. 

The purpose of the project is to transfer best practices of education from Germany (FrauenComputerCentrumBerlin e.V. (FCZB)) to Slovenia and Lithuania (later indirectly also to Croatia). FCZB has over ten years of experiences with the qualification of trainers and the development and implementation of innovative training programs in prisons. 

Besides training of tutors to work with female prisoners there is also motivation of female prisoners and ex-prisoners to gain vocational and social competences for a successful continuing learning, easier integration into the labour market and improving opportunities for a self-employment. 

In the context of pilot implementation, we will select female prisoners to participate in training and education to gain general entrepreneurial and social competences. Therefore, the education and training will facilitate them in a further education and reintegration into the labour market after serving their prison sentences.AngleščinaAngleščina